Rebar Works



       “Rebar Works”also known as reinforcing steel, reinforcement steel, in a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension.Reinforcing Steel has extensive experience in each of these concrete reinforcing sectors. It is used for various fields in Rebar works.Common steel or concrete reinforcement bar is supplied with heavy ridges to assist in binding the reinforcement to the concrete mechanically .This is commonly referred to as deformed bar Steel, rebar is most commonly used as a tensioning devise to reinforce concrete and other masonry structures to help hold the concrete in a compressed state. Concrete is a material that is very strong in compression, but virtually without strength in tension. To compensate for this imbalance in a concrete slab's behavior, reinforcement bar is cast into it to carry the tensile loads.